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The world could use some laughter.

Seriously, laughing has never mattered more than it does right now. Because we need to connect, and humor can provide that. Because our teams need an inside joke. Because we are at a loss and have experienced loss. One thing that can bring us together is a good laugh and something we all have in common, a sense of humor.

“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.”

Mark Twain



Let’s bring humor into what we do every day. Whether that means that you find the one thing that made you giggle today and share it with your team. Or you observed something odd today, because that is the definition of humor. Follow LaughingMatters on Twitter to supply your “Daily punch!” Write your joke of the day and be a better leader, and a happier person for it!

What we know is that humor is

  • Universal – we all have our inner “funny” and the power of a smile or laugh is equally appreciated and felt around the world, among all ethnicities, and within all age groups.
  • Empowering – research shows that a sense of humor, the ability to view the world in unusual and “funny” ways, witticism, and the ability to be funny are very empowering.
  • Safe – laughter and humor allow individuals to discuss and engage in ways that feel safe and are more effective at revealing key issues, challenges, team dynamics, and solutions.
  • Scientific – Science has proven that just hearing one joke changes the way a person’s brain works. Teams who viewed a comedy set before being a given problem to solve came up with 20-25% more solutions and different solutions than those teams that did not watch comedy. 

What can comedy and humor do for you and your organization?

Humor for you and your team will provide the tools for internal and external communications, improve overall well-being, motivation, inspiration, and creativity, leading to

  • Innovative solutions and products
  • Improved staff morale and retention
  • A strong corporate identity
  • The ability to tackle key challenges
  • Increased sales

What We Do

  • Meeting and retreat facilitation.
  • Professional development for staff and teams.
  • Corporate culture and identity consulting.
  • Speaking at meetings and conferences.
  • Long- or short-term organizational and fundraising strategy development/refresh.
  • Personal coaching.